Why Choose Respectrum Insurance Brokers?

Money is a factor, but equally important are things such as how much experience your broker has, how easy they are to contact and the range of services they have access to.​

It is also important to consider how familiar they are with your size and/or type of business. It is your broker’s job to assess your requirements and assemble the necessary information to present a proposal request to the relevant Insurance companies.

Once a broker is selected, the broker can then work with you to conduct competition among various insurance carriers. The challenge for the broker is to ensure that the companies are all offering a comparable service so that you can do an “apples-to-apples” comparison.

The broker then needs to use their marketplace knowledge and relationships to negotiate the optimum terms and conditions from each company and then communicate this information to you the client.


So many brokers, so little time. It’s a minefield to choose the someone who is a good fit for your business.​

Chris Benson | Benson Insurance
Benson Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Benson Insurance Brokers Ltd.