What you need to know about Chris Benson

Chris Benson, chess player, part-time cyclist and stoic West Ham supporter has been living insurance for over twenty years.

His work with major international broking companies has given him extensive experience in all aspects of customer service... quotations, placements, audits, advice, risk management and claims.

Chris is ridiculously well educated, he has a degree in law, and also in commerce, from Otago University. To top it off he has worked in public practice as both a lawyer, and an accountant. With all of this behind him, he is well able to understand the challenges of running your own business.​

If that wasn’t enough, he has some pretty impressive qualifications in the Insurance industry. He is an Associate of the Insurance Institute of New Zealand (A.I.I.N.Z) as well as being a Qualified Insurance Broker (Q.I.B) and a Fellow of the Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand (F.I.B.A.N.Z)

In spite of all of this, Chris is an approachable, down-to-earth type who makes sure that he personally knows all of his clients. He visits them regularly, knows what they do, and keeps in touch.​

Just Fine Print Things 

Insurance Brokers Assn. Of New Zealand (I.B.A.N.Z) Membership

The company is a member of I.B.A.N.Z. This organisation is an independent body, which promotes and oversees Insurance Broking companies in New Zealand.

It imposes standards of documentation, statutory compliance and financial propriety, which every member company must conform to. They conduct annual audits of their member firms to ensure they qualify, each year, to their stringent standards of business behaviour.

Professional Indemnity (P.I.) Insurance, Benson Insurance Brokers Ltd have a current P.I policy in force, which protects its clients in the very unlikely event of a mistake occurring, which causes an avoidable loss.

The limit of indemnity on the current policy is $10 million, which is many times the current level required by I.B.A.N.Z rules, and is more than sufficient to allow for the majority of events, which could possibly happen.

Benson Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Benson Insurance Brokers Ltd.